Praise for Coker and Hand


— Retired U.S. Army General Richard A. Cody

Vice Chief of Staff

Brought back fond memories of the ‘boys’, the Night Stalkers, the original Little Bird Gun guys — Shupp, Grimm, Hubard, and of course you and Jamie (RIP). Flying Six Guns in combat has always been reserved for the courageous, true stick and rudder pilots — you have told their and your story extremely well.


— Retired U.S. Army General David H. Petraeus

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

NSDQ, Gravy, and thanks for your extraordinary service, exceptional aviation skills, and commitment to those with whom you have flown and to those you supported on the ground. 


— Retired U.S. Army LTC Tony R. Franklin, Ph.D.

“Night Stalker Shrink”

Having helped assess Greg into the 160th SOAR(A) long ago and served with him through several wars, conflicts and Presidential/NCA directed Special Operations Missions, I shared many of our triumphs and defeats.  His book is a must-read for all Warriors, Veterans, families of Service Members, and ALL AMERICAN PATRIOTS who long to heal their Hearts and Souls ... given the tragic remnants of War! NSDQ!


— Retired U.S. Army CSM Kyle Lamb

Special Operations, Author, President of Viking Tactics

This book will show you the heart of a very dedicated Warrior, a man that answered the calling with gusto. I cried when I read this book, I knew the men he spoke of whose battlefield performance was valorous, yet when they returned home they couldn’t leave the war behind.