Death Waits in the Dark

Six Guns Don’t Miss!

The story of a special operations attack helicopter pilot


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Praise for Coker and Hand



Brought back fond memories of the ‘boys’, the Night Stalkers, the original Little Bird Gun guys — Shupp, Grimm, Hubard, and of course you and Jamie (RIP). Flying Six Guns in combat has always been reserved for the courageous, true stick and rudder pilots — you have told their and your story extremely well.

— Retired U.S. Army General Richard A. Cody, (Vice Chief of Staff)


Our Background

Greg Coker met George Hand in 2015. Greg related his incredible story of being shot down in an AH-6 "Little Bird" over the skies of Iraq by a surface-to-air missile. And yet, this was merely a single day in Greg's life. At that moment, George intuitively knew convincing Greg to share this story was paramount. Though initially reluctant, Greg has embraced the challenges inherent in reliving his incredible life experiences to bestow an enduring legacy for the next generation of warriors.